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Morey Associates Ltd. is an engineering firm based out of Kemptville, Ontario, offering consulting, design and materials testing services for civil, geotechnical, structural, hydrogeological and environmental engineering projects.


We collaborate with clients from across Eastern Ontario, including developers, architects, home builders, contractors, engineering firms, conservation authorities, municipalities and homeowners.


Morey Associates Ltd. is authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers Ontario to offer Professional Engineering Services.



Civil Engineering

Within the broad discipline of civil engineering, Morey Associates Ltd. provides professional engineering services for geotechnical engineering and materials inspection and testing, structural engineering, hydrogeological studies and environmental engineering, septic system designs, and grading and drainage plans.

STRUCTURAL Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering & Materials inspection and testing

  Geotechnical investigations for proposed residential/commercial/industrial buildings and subdivision developments, severances, agricultural buildings, roadways and other infrastructure projects

  Slope stability investigations

  Subgrade soil inspections and in-situ compaction testing

  Soil/aggregate, concrete and asphalt sampling and testing

  Site characterization study for nutrient management facilities and earthen manure storage design

  House plans and commercial building plans review of major structural components

Footing/foundation, slab on grade, and frost protection design and review

  Retaining wall design

  Concrete manure storage design

  Footing/foundation and framing construction inspection




  Septic system design for houses and commercial buildings to obtain sewage permits

  Septic system construction inspections

  Grading and drainage plans for houses and commercial building sites to obtain building permits

  Servicing plans (storm, sanitary and water connection) for new/infill residential properties

  As-built grading drawings


  Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

  Soil and water sampling and testing

  Groundwater quality and quantity testing

  Hydrogeological study for residential and commercial developments, severances and coach houses


Morey Associates Ltd. is an engineering firm based out of Kemptville, Ontario, offering , for, , and .

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